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October Free Baby Photo Contest!
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We're looking for great photos to feature in our magazine! The Top 3 winning baby photo contest pictures in each category win magazine exposure PLUS our Judges will hand pick 90 additional winning baby contest photos each month!

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Enter your baby photos in one or more Contest Categories
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(Only the categories with an * are eligible for the magazine)

* Action Shots * Beautiful Eyes Age 2 or Less
* Beautiful Eyes Age 3+ * Best Facial Expressions Age 2 or Less
* Best Mobile * Birthday Photos
* Black & White Pics * Child & Animal Age 2 or Less
* Child & Animal Age 3+ * Chubbiest Cheeks Age 2 or Less
* Closeups Age 2 or Less * Closeups Age 3+
* Colors of Fall * Cool Shades
* Cute and Adorable * Cutest Sleeping Shots
* Daddy & Child Age 2 or Less * Daddy & Child Age 3+
* Dressed Up Kids Age 2 or Less * Dressed Up Kids Age 3+
* Family Photos * Family Vacations
* Favorite Character * Favorite Toys
* Funniest Pics * Grandparents & Child
* Great Smiles Age 2 or Less * Great Smiles Age 3+
* Grown Up Kids Age 7+ * Halloween Misc Age 2 or Less
* Halloween Misc Age 3+ * Holiday Snaps
* If The Hat Fits Age 2 or less * If The Hat Fits Age 3+
* Milestones * Misc. Photos Age 2 or Less
* Misc. Photos Age 3+ * Mommy & Child Age 2 or Less
* Mommy & Child Age 3+ * Outdoor Photos Age 2 or Less
* Outdoor Photos Age 3+ * Pageant Photos
* Showing Love * Siblings
* Smell the Flowers Age 3+ * Studio Shot Age 3+
* Studio Shots Age 2 or Less * Teethy Grins Age 2 or Less
* Temperamental Kids Age 2 or Less * Theme Color Orange Age 2 or Less
* Theme Color Orange Age 3+ Baby Shower Pics
Best Bathroom Pics Best Enhancements
Crazy Hair Friends
Hospital Pics Messy Kids
Most Mischievous Children Multiples
Photo Collages Preemie Baby Photos
Pregnant Moms Profile Photos
Relative and Child Siblings
Silliest Photos Sonograms
Sports Pics Water Fun
Your Child's Artwork Your Wedding Pics
October Contest Standings:
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